Struggling to sell your car?    Want a better price than a trade offer?    Don’t want the hassle of selling it yourself?

We’ll sell your car completely free with no hidden or upfront costs!!

We know how hard and expensive trying to sell your car can be and inconvenient when your stuck at work so we’ve came up with an easy way for you to sell it. We take away all the hassle, expense and risk involved when selling a car. This is a completely FREE service we offer to both the trade and public, we basically sell your car for you. All you do is drop it off and agree a return price for it. when it sells we transfer the money.

We arrange and pay for…


The owner of the car would agree a return figure with us in advance, normally this figure will remain the same for the first 90 days, after 90 days we would look at renegotiating a new figure in order to reduce the overall price of the car and keep up with the market value.

The figure agreed between us and the owner of the car would be based upon the recommended private selling value, (for example if the cars trade value was £10,000 with a private sale value of £11,500 and with a retail value of £13,000) so if we were invest our own money into a car we would be looking at the trade value because of the capital risk, however because there is no upfront investment on our behalf on an SOR we can explore the private return value of this and of course commission is always put on top of the return price offered to you so it doesn’t actually cost the owner of the car anything to sell it, in fact its a completely free service we offer to everyone less any repair costs the car needs in order to make the car sellable.

The new buyer would more than likely be looking for the whole package before handing over £13,000 for example the safety and security of buying from a dealership and with the dealership benefits like HPI clear, road legal tyres, serviced, MOTed, warranty, finance and part exchange options. These are all things you/ the public can’t offer so ultimately struggle to sell the car.

Everyone knows that selling cars for cash behind a petrol station from a Facebook ad carries a risk for both parties and comes with the inconvenience of not been able to meet a potential buyer because your stuck in work or when you manage to get a day off to meet a new buyer all they do is kick the tyres and say Ill think about it.  Lets be honest who’s actually going to do that? We can do it for you for free. its a no brainer right?

Polite Customer Notice: Please be aware that any customers who leave vehicles in overnight do so at their own risk, Protouch Motor Group, Protouch Valeting and/ or any direct member of staff will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cars or personal property.