Drive away with complete peace of mind with 3 months/ 3000 mile parts and labour warranty cover given as standard 

We pride ourselves on providing quality used cars, that have been hand picked and maintained to a high standard. we offer a Standard In house Protouch Motors 3 month 3000 mile warranty with all of our cars sold at screen price. Cars sold less then screen price come with a 28 day or 1,000 mile parts and labour warranty. 

Our warranties supplied by Momentum warranties can be taken to any VAT registered garage of your choice and can deal with the warranty company direct.

All warranty information will be given in writing when buying a car and can also be found at the bottom of this page.


 Upgrade to 6 Months Momentum Warranty Platinum Cover with unlimited Milage & £1000 Claim from £199


The most advanced warranty program in the UK

6 Months Secure Cover from just £199 inc.VAT

Make the right choice by buying a vehicle with Momentum warranty cover.

  • 3, 6, 12 and 24 month options available
  • Engine
  • Cooling System
  • Fuel System
  • 4×4 Transfer Box
  • 4×4 Differential
  • Manual & Automatic Gearbox
  • Torque Converter
  • Propshaft
  • Suspension & Steering
  • Braking System
  • Electrical
  • & More.

12 Months Platinum Cover from just £270 inc.VAT

Our most popular and comprehensive warranty.

In addition to the extensive cover afforded by Secure warranty. All mechanical and electrical parts & labour plus these additional benefits

  • Recovery
  • Car Hire
  • Designed for new and used vehicles
  • Unlimited mileage once cover has started
  • Unlimited number of claims to the aggregate value of the vehicle
  • Overnight Accommodation
  • Transferable
      Platinum Plus Wear and Tear Cover £POA.





In-car entertainment systems (ICE) and Satellite Navigation systems, Please note that these items will be covered up to 50% including VAT, of your claim limit, on original manufacturer’s equipment up to a maximum of £300.00
Air conditioning: Air conditioning and climate control systems. Please note that these items will be covered up to a maximum of 50% including VAT, of your claim limit up to a maximum of £600.00
Driver interface systems: any system such as (but not exclusively) MMI, I-Drive, Command, HondaLink, NissanConnect, which controls multiple vehicle functions via a central control system interface will be covered up to 50% including VAT, of your claim limit, on original manufacturer’s equipment up to a maximum of £600.00

                                                                       TERMS & CONDITIONS COMPONENTS NOT COVERED BY THIS GUARANTEE
Gradual deterioration of performance of a component in line with the age and mileage of the vehicle will be classed as “wear and tear” and excluded from this guarantee.
All bodywork and trim, seat belts (any part), glass (including heated screens and door mirrors), sunroof panels, fuel tank, wheels and tyres. Air bags or disposal of air bags.
External fluid leaks, odours, external oil leaks and seals.
Consumable items such as, but not exclusively limited to light bulbs, drive belts, wiper blades, brake linings, brake discs, cylinders, cables, bushes, glow plugs, all pipes, all hoses, keys and key fobs.
Blocked, porous or seized components.
Brake callipers and calliper motors.
Nuts, bolts and mounting brackets.
Software, firmware or “flash” updates for any component.
Clearing or cleaning of fuel lines or components, contamination of fuel system either by incorrect fuelling or water ingress.
Clutch release bearing, concentric slave cylinders, centre plate and friction material.
Electrical connections, LEDs, all external lamps, wiring looms and batteries.
Exhaust systems and catalytic converters (unless an additional fee has been paid) including but not limited to manifolds, mufflers, brackets and mountings, Including de-pollution or diesel particulate filters and systems and EGR Systems.
Cylinder block liners for Vehicles over 3000 cc.
Carbonised, pitted, corroded, burnt or sticking components.
Water ingress and damage caused to any component by water ingress.
Paint – the painting of parts replaced under Guarantee will not be covered. Those components covered are covered against mechanical breakdown. The replacement of oil filters, lubricants, antifreeze and fluids is included provided the replacement is necessitated by the failure of a warranted component and the Vehicle is not within 1,000 miles of its next due service.
External oil leaks are specifically excluded.
PleaseNote: Wheel Bearing, Coil/Leaf spring and Intake Manifold (including Flap motors runners) failure will be covered on Vehicles up to 6 years old or 70,000 miles – whichever comes first.
Please Note: Limitations to use, Social, domestic and pleasure purposes.
Please Note: This Guarantee excludes the use of Taxi hire, commercial traveling, the carriage of passengers, goods or commercial deliveries for hire of reward, Racing, pacemaking, use in any contest, reliability or speed trail (unless an additional fee has been paid)
Please Note: This Guarantee has a milage/ time limit (unless an additional fee has been paid) of 3000 miles or 3 months (from the start date of this guarantee) whichever comes first.
Please Note: Any modifications i.e ECU Remapping will void this Guarantee
Please Note: Where the failure has been confirmed on a diagnostic machine, the fault codes must be submitted as supporting evidence, along with the claims invoice.
Please Note: The maximum contribution for diagnostics is £65 inclusive of VAT on a valid claim.
Please Note: A maximum claim limit (including parts & labour) is £300.00
Otherwise known as the camshaft drive belts. If your Vehicle has a timing belt, please make sure it is in good condition and that it is checked and changed in line with the manufacturer’s recommendation. If the timing belt breaks it can cause serious and unnecessary engine damage and inconvenience.
No responsibility will be accepted for damage caused by the failure of a worn out/ or incorrectly fitted timing belt.