Economy and Power with engine ECU remapping solutions from Protouch Engine Refining  

Protouch has worked extensively with The Ecopower Group to help develop what we believe to be the most comprehensive engine-management package available and with more than 20 years  experience in the automotive and haulage industry The Ecopower Group are the right partners for us.

We have programmes to suit all requirements from private owners to commercial fleets and specialist packages for agricultural vehicles. We can chip, remap or tune most vehicles including but not limited to the following: Tractor, Combine, Forage Harvester, Car, Truck

Find out how you can go further, using less fuel with our guaranteed fuel reduction warranty or read about our agricultural product, Agri-Tec. TurboChip provides car owners with improved performance and Eco-Map is specifically designed for HGV and LCV customers.

To find out more about our products please have a browse around our website. Feel free to contact us with any queries, we’re always happy to help.

Believe the Difference

TurboChip provides private vehicle owners with improved performance and sharpened engine response, whilst also saving fuel. This system also offers the petrol-heads an enhanced and more responsive driving experience giving them the edge over standard models.. With years of experience Protouch delivers the most comprehensive and effective engine management package, taking into consideration:

• Drivability and power
• Reliability
• Vehicle and throttle response
• Economy
For the best possible results we take into account:

• Injector timings
• Torque limiter settings
• Turbo boost and timing
• Fuel pressure
• Throttle damping
So that they can deliver improvements in the following:

• Increased torque
• Improved drivability and power
• Better throttle response
• Fewer gear changes
• Increased fuel efficiency

Whatever vehicle you’re driving, improvements can be made

• Improved Performance: Acceleration / Mid range / Top speed
• Improved Driver Satisfaction: Better response / Fewer gear changes
• Greater torque from your engine: Up to 25% increased torque providing smoother take-off and gear changes
• Improved Towing Ability: Smoother driving and improved fuel economy
• More Efficient Fuel Economy: Uses less fuel based on like for like driving

                                                                                                  Prices from £250.00Mercedes-Benz-ML-63-AMG


Warranty & Guarantee

The Fuel Reduction Challenge

Our fuel saving systems may seem too good to be true. For this reason, we have developed the Fuel Reduction Challenge – A structured four week product trial on two vehicles to allow your business to evaluate the benefits and savings before committing to purchase. The cost of the challenge is fully redeemable if you chose to go ahead with a fleet installation.

The Guarantee

Our guarantee is designed to cover much more than the product alone. Covering all aspects from the integrity of the product itself, the results you can expect to gain from its use and cover for any remaining manufacturer warranty.
How can I be sure?
When customers, private or commercial, purchase the fuel saving system from us we aim to deliver complete peace of mind.

All products are covered by:

• A guarantee from file defects for the whole life of the vehicle
• A money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied, for 30 days
• A system backed by a network of approved UK service engineers
• Complete trial and data packages available for fleet users


In addition, extended peace of mind is offered to all customers with concerns over manufacturers existing warranty. An exceptional amount of research and development has gone into all software upgrades to ensure that all risks are minimised, but ultimately we accept the manufactures right for concern over any product added to a vehicle for which they have no control.

Consequently the product is accompanied by the guarantee detailed above covering all aspects of file defects for the life of the vehicle. In addition we also offer a substantial warranty insurance that absolves financial responsibility from the manufactures warranty, for any defect that is attributed to the installation of our solution. Full policy details and quotations are available on request.